The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is a 1987 film that was based on the popular trading card series of the same name. It was a box office failure but has since gained a cult following due to its unique fusion of comedy, horror, and juvenile humor.

One of the most iconic shots in the film is when Tangerine gets a crotch shot from Dodger. It’s absolutely cringe inducing and still creepy today.

What is the Garbage Pail Kids movie about?

The Garbage Pail Kids movie is a 1987 film that adapts the popular children’s trading card series of the same name. The film was directed by Rod Amateau and stars Mackenzie Astin.

The movie tells the story of Dodger (Astin), a young boy who befriends the Garbage Pail Kids. The Garbage Pail Kids are seven naughty little boys who have a variety of gross traits and abnormalities.

For example, one of them has excess mucus, another is a violent greaser, and others vomit, fart, or wet themselves profusely. The kids also have no personality and are obnoxious.

While the kids have a lot of fun wreaking havoc and breaking things around the town, they are not very nice to Dodger or his girlfriend Tangerine.

After the Garbage Pail Kids are freed, they decide to go on a wild adventure. The Garbage Pail Kids steal ATVs and ride them to cause all sorts of trouble. They even get into a fight at a bar.

What is the most popular Garbage Pail Kids?

These stickers were made by Topps and were designed by Art Spiegelman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist. The series was a huge success and even parlayed into a feature-length movie and an animated TV show.

One of the most popular Garbage Pail Kids was Adam Bomb, a smiling boy with a remote control detonator who was the series mascot.

Other notable Garbage Pail Kids include Brutal Brad, which was the original second series card, and Schizo Fran, which made fun of mental health disorders. Schizo Fran was criticized for its disturbing artwork and name, but it became a favorite among children. It was later renamed to Fran Fran.

Who created the Garbage Pail Kids?

The series of cards was a satire of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that were popular at the time.

The series was a hit and spawned an entire line of merchandise. There were t-shirts, keychains, and even an animated cartoon.

However, the popularity of these cards faded in the late 1980s. Topps decided to put the cards on hiatus until 2003 when they revived them with a new series called All New.

Since then, the series has evolved into a satirical look at pop culture, including reality TV stars and movies. It continues to attract collectors who grew up with the original ’85-’88 releases, but has also expanded to a younger generation of fans.

Buff Monster, who grew up collecting these cards, says that they were “the counter-culture of the 1980s.” He believes that at their height of popularity, these cards were a way for kids to rebel against shiny consumerism and mass-market collectibles. He also points out that Garbage Pail Kids were the first of their kind, and they were a gateway to subversive humor.

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When did Garbage Pail Kids end?

Garbage Pail Kids was a wildly popular series of trading cards in the 1980s. They were a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids that traded those cute faces and huggable bodies for boogers, vomit, and characters with names like Luke Puke and Messy Tessie.

These cards were banned in many schools because of their gross-out humor. They even inspired a live-action movie and animated TV show in 1987, but both fell short.

While the cards have continued to be a staple of collectibles for kids, they are now more popular with adults than ever. In fact, they are so popular that some collectors refer to their obsession with GPK as their “dark period.”

In 2012, Topps started a brand new series of GPK cards that included characters more in line with the original style of the cards. They also released a series of political and horror themed sets that have brought back some of the old fans and renewed interest in the series.

Is the Garbage Pail kids movie for kids?

If you like gross-out humor, you’ll have a lot of fun watching the Garbage Pail Kids movie. Based on the trading cards of the same name, these grotesque characters have become a cultural touchstone for kids who are into weirdness.

Topps released the Garbage Pail Kids cards in 1985, and it has become a popular series of trading cards. Originally a parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, these characters have become known for their snot, farts and halitosis.

When he meets a group of strange kids who look just like him, they help him escape from the bullies and win over the girl of his dreams (Tangerine, played by Katie Barberi).

Rod Amateau directed The Garbage Pail Kids film, and Michael Cannon produced it. It stars Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin and Katie Barberi.

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How can I watch this movie?

Teen Dodger (Mackenzie Astin) gets the surprise of his life. He discovers a repulsive gang of alien kids in this gross-out tale. The movie is based on the popular 1980s trading cards.

Each card/sticker featured a different kid with an obvious deformity, accident, death or mishap.

The original concept of the Garbage Pail Kids was that they were spawned from radioactive sludge that had found its way into a garbage can filled with broken dolls, turning them into serial killers. But director Rod Amateau (TROLL) decided to make this a children’s film rather than a horror movie.

This is a very bad movie. It’s an absolute horde of sleazy, awful, utterly incompetent and completely self-absorbed crap that you should just avoid at all costs.

How to download movie?

It is a box office failure upon its release and has since gained a cult following due to its bizarre and offbeat humor.

The movie is notable for its wacky characters and colorful animation. It also contains several memorable visual effects.

For example, the best animated sequence features the Garbage Pail Kids dancing to a beat-up Beatles tune.

This blu-ray is not a bad purchase, and the bonus material is well worth taking the time to read. The extras aren’t massive, but the four featurettes on display do a nice job of covering the movie’s major milestones. The Garbage Pail Movie DVD includes several features. The DVD of The Garbage Pail Movie includes a special feature called The Effects of The Garbage Pail Movie. Another feature is On The Set with 1st AD Thomas Irvine. Also included are The Artful Dodger and The Kids Aren’t All Right.

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The Garbage Pail Kids are a group of weird looking children with strange habits and gross physical flaws.

It is a fun film that will make you laugh at the crazy shenanigans.

However, it is also a very sleazy film that does a lot of things wrong. The show’s mean-spiritedness and vile tone will make you feel terrible about yourself.

The movie is pretty dumb and doesn’t have a lot of interesting stuff. However, it does make me laugh at some of the weird shenanigans that are in it. It also has a few moments where the characters are surprisingly entertaining, so I recommend giving it a shot.

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