Snactiv – The Shark Tank Snacking Tool is a multi-tasking snacking tool that keeps your hands clean when eating, working, gaming, or creating. It attaches to your index and middle finger, allowing you to snack without dirtying your hands or devices.

Kevin Choi and Evan Cho were tired of messy snacking and created Snactiv to help keep your hands and devices clean while you eat. They pitched their product on Shark Tank looking for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity.

What is the snack thing on Shark Tank?

Snacking is a great way to keep you going when you’re at work, watching a movie, or playing games. However, messy snacks such as potato chips and Cheetos make your hands dirty so you need to wash your hand after eating them.

To avoid this mess, Kevin Choi and his coworker Edwin Cho invented Snactiv – a finger chopstick that allows you to pick up snacking items without making a mess. They brought this snacking tool to Shark Tank Season 13 and pitched it hoping to secure a deal with the sharks.

The pitch was successful, and the Sharks were genuinely interested in this product. They were impressed with its simplicity but usefulness. Moreover, the fact that the brothers had a utility patent and had already made $187,000 in sales caught their attention. They also liked the way they presented their pitch and the funny personalities of both entrepreneurs.

Is Snacktiv still in business?

SNACTIV was an out-of-the-box invention with one purpose in mind. It’s a utility patent pending snacking tool that makes picking up your favorite snacks cleanly and efficiently the next best thing to eating them with your hands.

The product was designed and developed by two gluttonous product designers and is a fun to play with product that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In a nutshell, Snactiv is a pair of finger chopsticks with a few clever design touches that make it a winner.

The product was popular in Asia and got a rebranding that made it well-known. The company used social media and marketing campaigns to get attention. The product is still doing well and now has more options. They joined forces with big retailers to sell their products.

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How is LARQ doing after Shark Tank?

LARQ is an innovative water bottle that purifies the liquid inside it. Founded by Justin Wang and Robert C Walker, LARQ is an award-winning company that has made its mark in the water bottle segment.

The LARQ water bottles are self-cleaning and can purify up to 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, without the use of filters or mercury-based UV pens. These bottles are available in different sizes and colors.

On the Shark Tank episode of season 12, entrepreneur Justin Wang pitched his product to the investors, including Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner. He asked for $500,000 for 1% equity at a $50 million valuation.

After his successful pitch, he received an investment of $1 million from Kevin and Lori. They also received 4% equity in the company.

LARQ also donates 1% of all its profits to charitable partners who help bring safe drinking water to the world. The company’s CEO, Justin Wang, said that he wants to make sure that LARQ continues to grow and succeed in its mission of making access to clean water a human right.

What is the market value of Snactiv The Shark Tank Snacking?

Eating a snack is a great way to keep your mind off of work and the hassle of cleaning up after yourself. But most snacks are greasy and make your hands dirty, which means you have to wash them after you eat them or you run the risk of making your computer and keyboards a mess too.

Snactiv is a product that helps you to keep your fingers and devices clean during your snacks. It was created by Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, two design professionals who brought it to Shark Tank.

They entered the show looking for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity of their company. Luckily, they were able to secure a deal with guest shark Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner.

The company is based in San Francisco, California and they sell their products on Amazon. They also partner with third parties in Asia, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

They have been selling Snactiv for five months and have made $187,000 in revenue. In addition, they have a utility patent and fifty thousand dollars in international purchase orders. Despite facing some cheap knockoffs, they are still thriving and have increased their production in response to demand.

Snactiv The Shark Tank Snacking amazon

A bowl of chips or a cheeseball next to you on the couch or at your desk can help keep you going while you watch a movie or work on a report. But most snack items are greasy, leaving your fingers dirty and making it difficult to leave your work to wash them.

That’s why friends Kevin Choi and Evan Cho created Snactiv, the tweezer-chopstick hybrid that lets you snack while still keeping your hands clean. In Shark Tank Season 13, they brought Snactiv to the Sharks, seeking a $200,000 investment and a 10% stake in their company.

The entrepreneurs walked on the show with some impressive pitching skills and looked like they were genuinely trying to get a deal. They had a lot of experience in launching new products and were very professional and well-mannered.

They faced some competition from cheap knockoffs, but were able to win over customers with their great quality and customer service. Today, Snactiv has a wide range of products available on their website as well as on Amazon.

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Snactiv The Shark Tank Snacking where to buy

The shark tank snacking tool fits between your fingers. It lets you pick up snacks without making a mess. The tool is ideal for people who snack while working on computers, gaming consoles, or mobile devices.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho invented Snactiv. Snactiv solves the problem of messy fingers while snacking. It is useful when eating and using devices like phones or laptops.

Snactiv was created by two friends, Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho, who got a deal with Lori Greiner and Kevin Hart on Shark Tank season 13. After their pitch, the sharks were impressed by their tweezer-chopstick hybrid tool that keeps your device clean from snack debris.

Snactiv is a simple product that has quickly become a hit with consumers. The tool has received many positive reviews and has outperformed copycat products. It’s available in black and white, and costs $15 or $18 depending on the color you choose. It also comes in a case to keep it safe from dust and scratches.

snack chopsticks shark tank

Chopsticks are a useful tool when it comes to eating messy snacks like chips or popcorn. The extended reach of chopsticks means you can easily eat whatever you want while still keeping your hands clean.

However, chopsticks have their drawbacks and they can be difficult to use. They also don’t give you the ability to move freely in front of your food.

Thankfully, Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho came up with an idea for a finger chopstick that will make snacking easier.

The Snactiv finger chopsticks attach to your pointer and middle fingers to keep your hands clean while snacking. They’re also convenient if you’re gaming on your computer while snacking, since they won’t get your keyboard dirty. In fact, it could be ideal for hardcore streamers who don’t want to mess up their laptop while snacking.

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SNACTIV – Dark Mode

It’s also a surprisingly effective tweezer, especially on hard surfaces like glass or ceramic. You can pick up a set of Snactiv’s two-piece tweezer for as little as $15 or $18 for a kit with a case.

If you’re into gadgets, you can check out the Snactiv website to see what’s currently available. They launch a new product every month. Their products are available in several countries. The countries include Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. They are a good company to work with. They can help you get the most out of your hands-free munching experience.

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