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AOL, the pioneering dial-up company, is poised to make a profound change. CEO Tim Armstrong is betting on user data-guided content to reposition AOL from its roots as “You’ve Got Mail” dial-up provider into an independent media firm.

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AOL News, its broad-based news site, combines breaking national and foreign stories with editorially driven analysis from experienced journalists from legacy news organizations.

Weather Within this region can often be unpredictable. AOL provides news, sports and entertainment properties as well as mobile and social media presence; its most notable property being NewsJuggler; however it has some competition within. Furthermore, AOL prides itself on providing outstanding customer service along with offering advanced consumer and business apps that go beyond mere entertainment.

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AOL began as an Internet access provider before expanding to offer instant messaging and later purchasing Time Warner in a record merger deal in the US. Today, AOL continues its quest for innovation by seeking ways to attract users back onto its sites.

AOL News, one of its most successful and popular sites, specializes in breaking national and global news. Employing veteran journalists from legendary newspapers such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and USA Today; AOL News editors include many graduates of top journalism schools such as University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley), Columbia (Columbia) Harvard and Cornell among many more.

Armstrong envisions AOL producing good journalism that is driven by humans while enhanced by algorithms. He is betting that user-data-guided content will liberate AOL from its dial-up roots and establish it as an attractive media company that appeals to both users and national advertisers alike.

AOL’s sprawling Manhattan headquarters, housed in the former Wanamaker department store on lower Broadway, are filled with cubicles and flat-screen monitors lined with engineers, programmers, designers and editors collaborating side-by-side. Staffers huddle together at informal seating areas designated by orange and white shower curtains; others boast at least two computers on their desks – recently, AOL hired about 900 new staffers with only editorial hiring slowing slightly for its top journalistic brands.

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AOL, established 25 years ago as an American internet firm that pioneered dial-up dialup access and later expanded into email, instant messaging, and internet access services, was acquired by Time Warner in 2001 and since has seen subscribers drop significantly. They’re trying to reinvent themselves as more of a media company rather than service provider and Tim Armstrong (their newly appointed CEO) is betting on user data driven content delivery to revitalize AOL.

Armstrong envisions an approach to journalism guided by human intelligence and enhanced by technology that no one has done quite right yet, something no one has been successful with so far. Armstrong believes this kind of journalism will liberate AOL from its dial-up roots to reposition it as a media company capable of drawing national advertisers.

Armstrong and Nizza at AOL News have begun hiring editors and journalists from established news organizations such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and USA Today as well as graduates of top journalism schools.

As part of their strategy, newspapers have hired freelancers. However, these freelancers can make errors. Last June, for instance, an AOL piece on Starbucks offering free Wi-Fi was based on an incorrect quote from a New York Times story which actually belonged to someone else.

AOL has also been hiring staffers for its Patch neighborhood news operations, which target communities of 15,000-50,000 residents. These Patch sites aim to provide fresh reporting and information that newspapers no longer cover; currently there are at least 100 Patch sites located across nine states with hundreds more anticipated by mid-August 2010.

Reviews at AOL News provide a great way of learning what other users think about the website. Reviews may be positive or negative and typically contain comments regarding content, design and features of the site.

Aol News is one of the more well-known sites on AOL and features an abundance of articles written by experts with exclusive interviews.

The news section offers an abundance of current events and sports coverage, in addition to politics and finance news. There are even dedicated sections that specialize exclusively on these subjects.

Example: There is a blog called The Politics Blog which seeks to provide a more in-depth examination of political issues within the U.S. Its contributors include former journalists from publications like New York Times and Washington Post.

Armstrong believes his strategy of creating good journalism guided by humans and enhanced by machines will help move AOL beyond its dial-up roots, becoming more of a “You’ve Got My Attention” media company with time. To achieve this feat, AOL needs an ever-expanding staff of writers and editors.

AOL recently hired nearly 900 editorial positions – most for Patch, its community-oriented local news operation. Many were veterans from newsrooms nationwide as well as graduates of top journalism schools.

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They all work in an enormous, cavernous office building in lower Manhattan with three stories and dozens of desks adorned with computers and monitors – many with computers or monitors attached – most stacked with monitors and computers for communication between four major groups: news and information; entertainment, finance, lifestyle; and advertising.

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Recognized as one of the pioneers of online user bases, AOL boasts a long and distinguished history and impressive portfolio. AOL is best-known for its innovations in content delivery such as online video streaming services like Hulu Plus or mobile-based services like social networking or e-commerce.

As one of its predecessors AOL was an instant hit among millenials as their go-to media source of choice; but that did not stop AOL becoming even more compelling and interesting with some prestigious partnerships under their belt that rivaled their predecessors as it won over trust with users a decade later than before gizmos were even available on smartphones in those same companies as it did their rivals’ reputation – something none other media companies could match.

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