Blackhorse Finance Contact Number: Get in Touch Today

If you are looking for Blackhorse Finance contact number, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to get in touch with Blackhorse Finance.

Blackhorse Finance Contact Number

Who are Blackhorse Finance’s Clients?

Blackhorse Finance is a financial services company established in 2001 and is now owned by Lloyds Banking Group. Blackhorse offers loans and finance solutions such as personal loans, car finance and home improvement loans for customers across the UK.

Why do you require Blackhorse Finance’s contact details?

As a Blackhorse Finance customer, there may be occasions when you require direct contact with them. You may want to inquire about your loan repayment schedule, request changes in payment method or report an issue with your account – having their contact number on hand allows you to quickly and efficiently connect.

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How can I contact Blackhorse Finance?

Blackhorse Finance contact number can be found online and on any correspondence from them, making it simple and accessible. Do a quick online search if necessary!

Blackhorse Finance contact number For various services provided by them.

As your needs vary, Blackhorse Finance may need to be contacted for various services. Here are the most frequently contacted reasons and associated contact numbers:

Blackhorse Finance contact number: General inquiries

Do you have general enquiries about Blackhorse Finance products and services, such as their customer service team on 0344 824 8888? For those needing general support, don’t hesitate to contact 0344 824 8888 and talk with someone from their team directly.

Blackhorse Finance contact number : Car Finance Inquiries

Do you have questions regarding your car financing agreement with Blackhorse Finance? For assistance, you can reach the company’s car finance team on 0344 848 4444

Have a personal loan inquiry for Blackhorse Finance? Reach out to their personal loans team on 0330 159 9610.

Home improvement loan inquiries are available here.

If you need assistance regarding your home improvement loan from Blackhorse Finance, don’t hesitate to call their home improvement loans team on 0344 848 4444 for help.

Blackhorse Finance can be reached during operating hours using their contact number: 602-826-0936.

Blackhorse Finance’s customer service team can be reached Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm and Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm; unfortunately, they do not operate on Sundays or bank holidays.

Alternatives to Blackhorse Finance Contact Details

If you need help reaching Blackhorse Finance using their contact number, there are other ways to reach them. Please email, or use the live chat feature on their website as an alternative.


Knowing your Blackhorse Finance contact number is crucial if you have a loan or finance agreement with the company. By having this knowledge at their fingertips, they can quickly contact their office by dialling their appropriate contact number; alternatively, there may be other means of reaching them that might work better for your specific situation.

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What Is Blackhorse Finance?

Blackhorse Finance is a financial services provider offering loans and finance solutions to customers across the UK.

How can I locate Blackhorse Finance contact number?

You can locate Blackhorse Finance’s contact number via their website or any correspondence received.

What are the operating hours for Blackhorse Finance contact number?

Blackhorse Finance’s customer service team can be reached from Monday to Friday from 8 am until 8 pm and on Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm; Sundays or bank holidays, they do not operate a contact number service.

What can I contact Blackhorse Finance about?

Blackhorse Finance can assist with general inquiries, car finance needs, personal loan inquiries, home improvement loan inquiries, or account problems.

What should I do if I cannot reach Blackhorse Finance using their contact number?

If you need help reaching Blackhorse Finance using its contact number, alternative ways of reaching them include emailing or using their website live chat feature.

Conclusion Having Blackhorse Finance contact number readily available can be invaluable if you need to connect with them quickly and easily. Knowing the appropriate number based on your needs and operating hours allows quicker response times when reaching out. If this doesn’t work, other means, such as email or live chat, may provide quicker solutions.

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