Delano Movie Theater: The Best Place to See a Movie in Town (100+ Reviews)

Maya Cinemas is opening a 12-screen movie theater in Delano that promises to become one of the finest cinematic experiences available anywhere in America. They have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology in order to achieve this.

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Dolby Atmos auditoriums provide an immersive sound experience. Plus, each seat boasts luxurious premium recliners for an incredible movie-going experience.

Delano Movie Theater provides an entertaining family-friendly cinematic experience in its five auditoriums, boasting special features such as full bars, reclining seats and stadium seating – not to mention state of the art LED screens in each auditorium! Free parking makes getting there simple; Brickside Grille and Tap and Lupine Brewing Company nearby offer popular hangout spots; Emagine Delano provides luxurious night out on the town amidst a vibrant community – meaning an enjoyable viewing experience every time!

Delano Movie Theater Reviews

The Delano Movie Theater, a 12-screen family-friendly entertainment center that recently opened on Thursday in California’s Delano community. This new cinema will offer its guests movies like Deadpool 2 as well as anticipated blockbusters such as Avengers: Infinity War and “Overboard”.

Delano was the birthplace of the farm workers movement, where civil rights activist Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta joined grape growers for a strike which eventually resulted in the formation of United Farm Workers Union. Esparza Enterprises — parent company to Maya Cinemas – chose Delano as its first cinema because it symbolizes Latino power and importance.

The Delano Movie Theater will feature a full bar, private rentals and special amenities such as stadium seating, leather seats, power reclining and rocking chairs; as well as a full-service concessions stand with Coca-Cola products that guests can order directly from their seats; these orders can then be picked up via express lane. Its location in Delano’s northwest area places it near Lupine Brewing Company and Brickside Grille and Tap; tickets for these eateries can also be bought directly through this theater’s website or front doors; tickets can also be bought directly via its website or at its doorway.

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Emagine Delano, located in the idyllic northwest corner of Delano, is a family friendly movie theater offering five auditoriums. Special amenities at Emagine Delano include Coca-Cola products, full bar services, pre-order Atom concessions using their express lane system and delicious eateries nearby to pre-order Atom concessions prior to movie night. There’s even a carousel here which provides plenty of amusement before or after your movie experience – its small size makes it suitable for young and old alike making Emagine Delano the perfect place for fun family movie night out – perfect for kids or grownups alike!

Delano Movie Theater’s Carousel will make for an unforgettable family outing! Don’t miss it for an experience you won’t soon forget!

Delano Movie Theater offers a wonderful cinematic experience with five auditoriums, special amenities such as Coca-Cola products, full bar service, private rentals and stadium seating with leather seats. Situated in Delano’s scenic area and within driving distance from Lupine Brewing Company and Brickside Grille and Tap, Delano Movie Theater makes an excellent place to grab snacks before or after movies – you can even pre-order Atom concessions to be collected in an express lane!

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Delano Movie Theater brings cinematic experiences closer to home with its 12-screen Maya Cinemas theater featuring cutting-edge film technology like Dolby Atmos auditoriums and premium recliners from Maya. Concession options at this cinema include popcorn, Eisenberg “Big Dog” hot dogs, Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and much more!

Richard Lee is an architect renowned for designing theaters across California. One of his more prominent projects is Wasco Theatre near Delano; its website lacks photos or drawings but there is one available at Kern County Library.

Southwest Builder & Contractor reported in 1924 that Delano would soon see its own theater as part of the Grower’s Security Bank building. A letter from Frank Panero – who operated his circuit out of Delano – suggests it might open sometime around 1925-1925.

Delano has been without a movie theater since 2009 and Mayor Ricardo Chavez believes it’s time for Delano to once more become a movie town. Up until now, people had to travel 45 minutes away for movies in Bakersfield or Tulare.

Delano has been working closely with developer YK America on their new movie theater project. This company is well known for building stores, restaurants and apartments throughout Delano’s downtown district and plans to bring in tax revenue and jobs through this theater’s construction. According to Delano Mayor Matt Leachman, it will help bring back tourism; his hope is that people come visit the new movie theater so they can enjoy all its amenities.

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