Garbage Pail Kids Movie: The Crotch Shot That Stunned the World

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie was initially an unsuccessful box office venture, released in 1987 and based on a popular trading card series with the same name. However, it has earned itself an extensive cult following due to its mix of comedy, horror, and juvenile humour.

One of the most iconic scenes from this film is when Tangerine receives a crotch shot from Dodger, an image which remains both shocking and creepy today.

What is the plot of Garbage Pail Kids movie?

The Garbage Pail Kids movie, released in 1987 by director Rod Amateau and featuring Mackenzie Astin as its star actor, is an adaptation of a popular children’s trading card series of the same name.

The movie follows Dodger (Astin), an innocent young boy who meets seven mischievous little boys known as The Garbage Pail Kids – each possessing various gross traits or abnormalities that help form strong friendships between themselves.

One has excess mucus; another is violent and gritty; others vomit, fart, or wet themselves profusely; their children have no personality and seem annoying.

While these children enjoy creating mayhem and breaking things in town, they don’t always treat Dodger and Tangerine kindly.

After being set free, the Garbage Pail Kids Movie embark on an adventurous journey. Stealing ATVs, they use them to cause all kinds of mischief before getting into an altercation at a bar.

What are the most sought-after Garbage Pail Kids?

Topps produced stickers designed by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman that proved an overwhelming success, even inspiring a feature-length movie and animated television series based on them.

Adam Bomb was one of the most beloved Garbage Pail Kids Movie characters and became known as its mascot, often featuring a remote control detonator on his wristband.

Other notable Garbage Pail Kids characters include Brutal Brad from the original second series card set and Schizo Fran, which poked fun at mental health disorders through art and name. Schizo Fran was initially criticized for its disturbing artwork and name; however, children quickly warmed to it, and later it was renamed Fran Fran.

Who created the Garbage Pail Kids?

This series of cards was intended as a parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls popular then.

The series was an enormous hit and quickly generated an extensive line of merchandise, including T-shirts, keychains and even an animated cartoon series.

Topps noticed their cards becoming less popular by the late 1980s and stopped publishing them until 2003 when they revived them with an All-New series.

Since its 1985-88 releases, this series has become a humorous take on pop culture, including reality TV stars and movies. Collectors who grew up with its initial release continue to enjoy this popular series, but it also draws younger fans who come for new releases each month.

Buff Monster was raised collecting Garbage Pail Kids Movie cards as part of his counterculture in the 1980s, believing they provided children with a way to rebel against consumerism and mass market collectables at their peak popularity. Furthermore, these cards offered them access to subversive humour.

When did Garbage Pail Kids end?

Garbage Pail Kids were an immensely popular trading card series in the 1980s. These humorous parodies of Cabbage Patch Kids exchanged adorable faces and huggable bodies for boogers, vomit and characters such as Luke Puke and Messy Tessie.

These cards were banned in many schools due to their offensive humour, even inspiring a live-action film and TV show in 1987, though both, unfortunately, failed to meet expectations.

Cards from GPK remain a favourite among children, while their popularity among adults grows more each year. Some collectors even call their GPK obsession their “dark period.”

Topps released an entirely new series of GPK cards in 2012 that more closely adhered to their original style, featuring characters in line with original GPK characters. They also released political and horror-themed sets, which brought back old fans while creating renewed enthusiasm for this popular series.

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Are children appropriate audiences for The Garbage Pail movie?

The Garbage Pail Kids movie should provide plenty of entertainment if you enjoy gross-out humour. Based on trading cards with similar names, these grotesque characters have become iconic symbols among those interested in weirdness.

Topps first released the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards in 1985, and since then, they have become immensely popular among collectors. Intended as a humorous takeoff on Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, these characters have since become beloved trading card characters known for their signature traits: snot, farts and bad breath.

Once, he meets a group of similar-looking kids who help him escape his bullies and win over his dream girl (Tangerine, played by Katie Barberi).

Rod Amateau directed, and Michael Cannon produced The Garbage Pail Kids film. Starring Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin and Katie Barberi.

How can I watch this movie?

Teen Dodger (Mackenzie Astin) is surprised when he encounters an alien-inhabited group of children based on popular 1980s trading cards. The movie itself follows their adventures.

Each card/sticker featured a child who suffered from deformity, accident, death or misfortune.

Garbage Pail Kids was originally intended as a horror flick, with radioactive sludge seeping into a garbage can filled with broken dolls, turning them into murderous serial killers. However, director Rod Amateau (TROLL) decided to make this a children’s film instead of keeping to the original concept.

This movie is truly awful; an unforgivably bad heap of filth, subpar acting and self-indulgent incompetence that you should certainly avoid at any cost.

How Can I Download a Movie? A box office failure upon its initial release, The House Bunny quickly amassed an avid following due to its quirky humour.

This movie is widely known for its eccentric characters and colourful animation. Additionally, there are numerous memorable visual effects.

Example: the best-animated sequence features the Garbage Pail Kids dancing to an up-tempo Beatles tune.

This Blu-ray is not only worth buying, but its bonus material is also worth reading. Although its extras may not be extensive, its four featurettes nicely cover all major milestones of The Garbage Pail Movie. Also featured on its DVD version are special features called ‘Effects of The Garbage Pail Movie, On Set with 1st AD Thomas Irvine and Artful Dodger and The Kids Aren’t All Right which provides interesting insight.


The Garbage Pail Kids Movie are an oddball group of youngsters characterized by strange behaviours and obvious physical deformities.

This film will make you smile thanks to its hilarious antics.

However, this film can also be very unsavoury, doing many things incorrectly and leaving viewers feeling bad about themselves. The show’s crude humour will leave audiences feeling as if their lives have no value at all.

This movie is fairly simplistic and doesn’t contain anything that is fascinating; however, I found some parts amusing and amused me greatly. Some characters were also quite entertaining, so it may be worth giving it a shot!

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