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Introduction: Seawolf 1941 has made waves among movie lovers since it first hit theatres in 1941. Set during the early days of WWII when American submarines battled Japanese navy submarines in the Pacific, Seawolf has gone down as one of the greatest war movies ever created, garnering critical acclaim and garnering one of Gomovies Seawolf 1941 movie reviews. We will discuss its unique qualities further here in this article review!

The Plot:

This movie centres on the USS Seawolf, an American submarine on a mission to disrupt Japanese supply lines in the Pacific. Under Captain Bledsoe’s direction is an eclectic crew consisting of former boxers, cooks and even an eager sailor embarking on his maiden voyage – led by Captain Bledsoe himself, a veteran leader who knows battle well – all led by Captain Bledsoe himself, a seasoned veteran who has seen plenty of battles himself. Captain Bledsoe leads his diverse crew under his watchful leadership.

The Seawolf faces numerous obstacles and challenges as they progress deeper into enemy territory. Navigating treacherous waters, dodging enemy patrols, and engaging in fierce battles with Japanese ships add a layer of tension and suspense as its crew struggle against overwhelming odds to survive.

Characters: One of the many strengths of Seawolf 1941 lies in its well-developed characters. Each crew member has their own distinct personality, and their stories are explored at length in this movie. Captain Bledsoe is an incredibly fascinating protagonist, with an unsympathetic exterior concealing an inward sense of caring. All other crew members also provide compelling characters with distinctive quirks and traits.

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Seawolf 1941’s acting is outstanding, featuring stellar performances by each actor in its cast. Pat O’Brien performs compelling as Captain Bledsoe; Robert Mitchum shines as an 18-year-old who finds themselves thrust into battle, as does every supporting actor who brings their A-game.

Cinematography: Seawolf 1941 is an eye-catching flick boasting stunning cinematography that captures the Pacific Ocean waters’ beauty and dangers. Underwater scenes, in particular, highlight tension and claustrophobia found within submarine life, while action scenes feature well-shot camerawork that adds suspense and excitement during battle scenes.

Seawolf 1941’s music is notable, providing a dynamic and stirring score that helps heighten emotional stakes and provide scale to battle scenes.

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Overall Impressions: Seawolf 1941 remains an engaging classic war film today, taking an excellent approach to explore both the psychological toll of battle on those involved and the camaraderie between soldiers during combat. Visually stunning cinematography captures both beauty and danger of the Pacific Ocean landscape, while acting is exceptional across the board; you won’t want to miss this great flick if you like war movies or just good films in general! Don’t hesitate to give Seawolf 1941 a watch today – its appeal lies with war fans and movie-goers alike!

Starcast of Seawolf (1941): These actors brought their characters to life onscreen for this classic film. Here is a breakdown of those involved and who portrayed each one:

Edward G. Robinson stars as Captain Burt Lancaster of the USS Seawolf during World War II. This challenging and experienced naval officer served as its commanding officer during this period.

Ida Lupino stars as Helene Beckett, a journalist who infiltrates the USS Seawolf to cover war from its front lines. John Garfield stars Wolf, an eccentric sailor who clashes with Captain Lancaster from their initial encounter.

William Bendix as Boats – Bendix portrays Boats, an amusing crew member of the USS Seawolf who provides comic relief during emotionally draining scenes.

Gene Lockhart stars as Mr Davis, an ordinary passenger on board the USS Seawolf who adds humanity and humanizes the story while showing how war affects ordinary people’s lives.

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Edward Dmytryk does an outstanding job bringing Seawolf’s story to life on screen. The action sequences are well-shot and suspenseful, and Dmytryk successfully captures the tension and drama associated with life aboard a submarine during wartime.


Given its age, “Seawolf” boasts impressive cinematography. The black-and-white visuals are sharp and clear; shots of the submarine’s crew provide atmosphere.

The soundtrack for “Seawolf” is pretty unassuming, consisting mainly of orchestral music that sets the scene for each scene and helps set its atmosphere. While not particularly memorable, this musical score does its job effectively.

Overall Impression of GoMovies Seawolf

“Seawolf” is an enjoyable war movie worth viewing for any genre fan. Though not groundbreaking, “Seawolf” still boasts quality filmmaking with an engaging story, solid acting performances and captivating visuals – making “Seawolf” well worth considering for viewing pleasure.

Answers to FAQs

Where can I watch “Seawolf”? “Seawolf” can be seen on the GoMovies platform and does not depict an event from real life; instead, it is based on Jack London’s novel of the same name (The Seawolf).

What is the rating for “Seawolf”? Unfortunately, “Seawolf” was released before the MPAA’s current rating system was in place; nevertheless, it is generally considered suitable for audiences of all ages.

Who stars in “Seawolf”? This film stars Michael Whalen, Richard Arlen and Gene Reynolds. What is its running time, and is “Seawolf” available in colour? No, “Seawolf” was shot entirely in black and white.

“Seawolf” was released for public viewing in 1941. The overall message of “Seawolf” is the importance of teamwork, leadership, and perseverance in the face of hardship.

How does “Seawolf” compare with other classic war movies? Although “Seawolf” may not be as well-known as other such classic war flicks as “Saving Private Ryan” or “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, it remains a fine film, offering both action and drama in equal measures.

What movies might I enjoy similar to “Seawolf?” If you appreciate classic war movies, consider watching films such as “Guns of Navarone”, “The Dirty Dozen”, or “The Great Escape”.

Can I stream “Seawolf” on popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu? Unfortunately, “Seawolf” is currently unavailable to stream on those popular platforms; however, it may be available for rental or purchase through Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Does “Seawolf” accurately portray World War II submarine warfare? Although some liberties were taken with facts, Seawolf presents the challenges and perils encountered by submarine crews during that era as accurately as possible.

Who stars in “Seawolf?” The film stars actors Walter Huston, John Garfield, and Ida Lupino.

What is its running time? Seawolf runs for approximately 93 minutes.

“Seawolf” is rated PG and generally considered suitable for viewers of all ages; however, parents may wish to exercise extra caution with younger children given its intense themes and content.

What was the critical consensus on “Seawolf”? Upon release, critics generally gave positive reviews to “Seawolf”, with many complimenting its performances, direction and suspenseful plotline.

Can I watch “Seawolf Seawolf 1941” with subtitles or closed captions? Depending on your version and platform of choice, many versions of “Seawolf Seawolf 1941” offer options for subtitles or closed captions in multiple languages.

How does “Seawolf” relate to literature or actual events? Jack London wrote the novel Seawolf, which forms the basis for this movie, though not directly from actual events.

What are some notable scenes from “Seawolf”? One of the most iconic moments from this film involves the submarine crew attempting to outwit an approaching enemy ship by hiding on the ocean floor. At the same time, another notable scene features tension between its captain and one of his crew members, who has been accused of cowardice.

Overall, is “Seawolf 1941 full movie” worth watching? Absolutely if you enjoy classic war or submarine films! While “Seawolf” might not be as well-known as other movies from its genre, it provides an engaging mix of action, drama, suspense and talented performances from its talented cast.

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