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My Verizon for Business makes managing your business telephone, TV and internet service easy – offering fast and dependable connections that work hard like you do.

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Host clear video conferencing meetings in real-time while managing point-of-sale (POS) system operations efficiently with wireless solutions offering speeds up to 400Mbps.

*When combined, qualifying devices and Fios Internet plans qualify for credits, which will appear within 2-3 billing cycles on your Verizon account.

Digital Voice

Business Digital Voice offers you a professional communications solution that leverages the internet connection of your business, for crystal-clear and lightning fast calls that you can manage from both desk phones and a mobile app – keeping you connected no matter where life takes you! You’ll even get one line free when bundled with select higher speed Fios plans with 2-year terms; additional lines start from $35/mo per line!

Voice of your Brand | Success Marketing Strategies By using digital voice platforms, marketers can deliver the personalized experiences consumers have come to expect from brands across multiple touchpoints. In addition, this allows businesses to quickly adapt to changes within the business such as new products/services introduced and customer preferences by quickly adapting the voice of their business accordingly.

Digital Voice allows you to make and receive emergency 999 calls as well as making use of any phone with an internet connection (so it works over both business or broadband). Any extra telephone sockets in your home won’t work with Digital Voice so all extra phones would have to switch over wireless devices; similarly, Telecare devices or monitored alarm systems such as smoke and security won’t be compatible either.

Verizon provides an array of business plans to help your organization meet its annual goals. From 5G to business TV, our solutions give your organization an edge against its competition. Plus, our team of experts are on standby ready to offer personalized advice tailored specifically for your company.

Our business solutions feature enterprise-grade internet, TV and phone services designed to bring your business forward. Plus, with our convenient billing process making managing everything in one spot easier than ever and competitive pricing giving your company an excellent value proposition.

Business TV

Business TV allows businesses to deliver HD programming with affordable package options and cloud DVR features to engage customers or clients while they wait, stay longer, or spend more. It can serve as an excellent customer service amenity in hospitality businesses such as bars and restaurants; or keep visitors to your office environment happy and engaged during waiting time.

Television can also serve as an effective method of disseminating company and industry news to your staff, whether through email or other channels. TV makes your employees feel connected with the business they work for and can inspire greater pride and enthusiasm for their work.

With a vast selection of entertainment channels at your disposal, you can provide the ideal blend of local news and sports programming, along with entertainment channels designed specifically to your business’s unique needs. Furthermore, customizing how many channels appear allows for an even more customized viewing experience!

Business TV allows streaming on up to five devices at the same time per account, such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. This gives your employees, guests and visitors the flexibility of watching their favorite shows wherever they may be watching it via our Fios TV Mobile app – with no contracts or commitments necessary – starting streaming as soon as your new subscription goes live – not only that but you’ll receive a complimentary Fios TV Mobile app for streaming content remotely while simultaneously controlling TV in one handy place – no contracts necessary! Plus! With no contracts or commitments it’s simple – start streaming as soon as your new Business TV subscription goes live – no contracts or commitments required so streaming begins as soon as your new subscription goes live – easy switching between devices while controlling TV with ease using its interface – ideal!

Business Mastercard®

Earn 5% back in Verizon Business Dollars on purchases of Verizon devices and bill payments for wireless and wireline service, plus 4X points when shopping travel, gas, electric vehicle charging and office supplies. Also take advantage of a 0% intro annual fee offer for the first 18 billing cycles!

The best business credit cards offer greater rewards than personal cards, including cash back and airline miles. Plus, these credit cards may even come equipped with features to help your small business flourish such as extended interest-free periods (allowing you to pay expenses without incurring late fees) and solutions like free access to accounting software and service discounts.

When applying for a business credit card, its issuer will assess both your company finances and personal financial history in order to assess whether you are an appropriate borrower and assign you a credit limit. Some cards also require you to sign a personal guarantee agreement which means you could potentially become personally liable if any debt incurred cannot be repaid by your business – thus making debt management key and not applying for multiple cards at once.

Business Internet

An internet connection is an invaluable asset in any business, providing crucial communications and productivity benefits. A high speed connection allows employees to work more quickly together, host webinars in near real-time video meetings or webinars and support point of sale (POS) systems. Furthermore, backing up important information to the cloud protects from ransomware attacks or other threats to data.

When selecting an internet provider for your business, the three most important criteria should be speed, reliability and customer service. Consider which connection type best meets your needs before consulting industry rankings such as J.D. Power which ranks businesses for customer satisfaction. Look for providers offering symmetrical upload/download speeds within your area as well as tailored plans to accommodate data usage requirements of your organization.

Verizon provides reliable business internet to businesses of all kinds, offering plans from basic fiber or LTE connectivity up to 5G high-capacity wireless solutions with minimal lag times in most areas. Verizon’s fiber plans feature symmetrical upload and download speeds while 5G provides fast wireless connectivity without interruptions or gaps.

Gigabit plans from Verizon can offer your growing business the flexibility it needs without incurring additional charges for upload or download speeds as necessary. Although slightly more costly than Comcast’s gigabit plan, you will receive superior customer support and an industry-leading warranty coverage.

No matter your business broadband needs – be they upgrades to faster internet plans, or protection from downtime – finding the ideal provider is crucial for its growth and success. By finding one with powerful and reliable connections, your company can access files faster, run state-of-the-art security solutions and enhance brand reputability through seamless communication demonstrating professionalism – helping it thrive as it expands. Allconnect can provide customized business broadband plans tailored specifically for you so contact them now to explore what options exist!

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