Snactiv: The Shark Tank-Approved Snacking Tool That Helps You Control Your Portions

Snactiv – the Shark Tank Snacking Tool is an all-in-one snacking tool designed to keep your hands clean when eating, working, gaming or creating. Attaching directly to either hand’s index and middle fingers allows for convenient snacking without messing up either your hands or devices.

Kevin Choi and Evan Cho had had enough messy snacking, so they created Snactiv to help keep hands and devices clean while eating. On Shark Tank, they pitched their product for $200,000 for a 10% equity stake.

What are some snacks found on Shark Tank?

Snacking can provide an invaluable boost when working, watching a movie, or playing games. But messy snacks such as potato chips and Cheetos leave your hands dirty, necessitating cleaning them after eating them.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho created Snactiv – a finger chopstick designed to pick up snack items without making a mess – to prevent this scenario. They brought this tool onto Shark Tank Season 13, hoping that one or more sharks would offer them deals.

The pitch was successful, and all four Sharks showed genuine interest. They were impressed by its simplicity yet usefulness. They were particularly intrigued that two brothers owned utility patents that had already generated sales of $187,000 within six months – not to mention how well-presented and presented their pitch was by both entrepreneurs! They liked both entrepreneurs as individuals as well!

Are they still operating today?

SNACTIV was designed with one purpose: making picking up snacks cleanly and efficiently as close to eating with your hands as possible.

Snactiv, designed and developed by two gluttonous product designers, is an engaging product for the whole family to play with and enjoy. Simply put, Snactiv is a pair of finger chopsticks with clever design touches that make it irresistibly fun.

The product was widely popular in Asia before rebranding; the company used social media and marketing campaigns to bring attention to it. Still doing well today with more options; joined forces with major retailers for distribution.

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What has become of LARQ since his appearance on Shark Tank?

LARQ is an innovative water bottle designed to filter its contents. Created by Justin Wang and Robert C Walker, LARQ has become an award-winning company and made waves within its respective segment.

LARQ water bottles are self-cleaning and can purify up to 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses without filters or mercury-based UV pens – they even come in various sizes and colours for convenience!

Justin Wang appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank to pitch his product and seek investment from investors like Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John and Lori Greiner. Justin asked them for $500,000 as equity at a $50 Million valuation.

Kevin and Lori invested $1 Million, receiving a 4% equity stake in their business as an incentive.

LARQ donates one per cent of its profits to charitable partners that work to provide safe drinking water globally. According to Justin Wang, CEO of the company, it is his aim for LARQ to continue expanding and fulfilling its mission of making access to clean water a human right.

What is the market value of Snactiv The Shark Tank Snacking?

Eating a snack can be a great way to take your mind off of work and the hassle of cleaning up after yourself, but most snacks can make your hands dirty, meaning it is necessary to wash them after each snack, or you risk making your computer and keyboards dirty as well.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho created Snactiv, two design professionals who brought it to Shark Tank.

They entered the show seeking $200,000 for 10% equity of their company in exchange for Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner as guest sharks and successfully reached an agreement.

This company, located in San Francisco, California, sells its products via Amazon. In addition, they collaborate with third-party vendors in Asia, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

They have been selling Snactiv for five months, generating $187,000 in revenue. Furthermore, they hold an international purchase order and utility patent worth $50k each. Despite facing some knockoffs, they still thrive and have increased production in response to demand.

Snact The Shark Tank Snacking on Amazon now!

A bowl of chips or cheeseballs next to you on the couch or desk can help keep you going during movie nights or report-writing sessions, but most snack items leave your fingers dirty, making it hard for you to stop working to wash them properly.

Kevin Choi and Evan Cho, two friends who wanted to keep their hands clean while snacking, created Snactiv – a hybrid between tweezers and chopsticks for easy snacking without using your hands! In Season 13 of Shark Tank, they presented Snactiv to them all, hoping for the investment of $200,000 with a 10% stake ownership of their business.

Entrepreneurs appeared on the show with remarkable pitching abilities and seemed genuine about closing deals. Each possessed extensive experience introducing new products and was professional and courteous throughout.

Snactiv faced fierce competition from cheap knockoffs but was able to attract customers through superior quality and customer service. Now available on both their website and Amazon, Snactiv has an expansive catalogue of products available for purchase.

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Snactiv’s Shark Tank Snacking Where Can I Purchase

The Shark Tank Snacking Tool fits easily between your fingers, allowing for efficient snacking while working on computers, gaming consoles or mobile devices. Ideal for people who snack while working – ideal for anyone snacking!

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho created Snactiv to address the messy fingers associated with snacking while using devices such as phones or laptops.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho created Snactiv with help from Lori Greiner and Kevin Hart on Shark Tank Season 13. After hearing their pitch, the sharks were impressed by this innovative tool which helps you keep your device free from snack debris.

Snactiv has quickly become an impressively popular consumer product. This handy tool has received many positive reviews, outperforming copycat products. Available in black or white for $15 or $18, Snactiv comes with its own case to protect from dust and scratches.

Food Chowsticks from Shark Tank

Chopsticks can be an invaluable asset when eating messy snacks like chips or popcorn, as their extended reach enables you to munch away while keeping your hands clean easily.

But chopsticks have limitations; they can be tricky to use and don’t allow for the free movement of food around your plate.

Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho have devised an innovative idea for a finger chopstick to simplify snacking.

Snactiv finger chopsticks attach securely to your pointer and middle fingers for clean snacking. It is perfect for gaming on computers while snacking without getting your keyboard dirty – ideal for hardcore streamers who want their laptop to stay neat!

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Snactiv’s two-piece tweezer is an impressively effective solution, especially on hard surfaces like glass or ceramic. A set can be purchased for as little as $15; they even come with a protective case!

If you love gadgets, visit Snactiv’s website regularly to see what’s currently available. They release new products monthly, making their offerings accessible in several countries, including Taiwan, China, Japan and the US. Their team can assist in optimizing your hands-free munching experience.

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