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Verizon understands the demands of business services must meet or surpass those of your industry, so depend on us for all your service needs.

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Take advantage of 24/7 live support for eligible devices with one click or call. Plus, save with an affordable bundled offer!

Learn the ropes of Verizon Enterprise Center’s global navigation. A Primary Contact has access and control over all data that belongs to their organization, and should have all access rights for viewing and managing it.

Premium Technical Support

Verizon provides several ways for their customers to contact their support staff: an app, live chat and various social media accounts provide direct communication channels between Verizon’s support staff and its customers. Verizon can also be reached by visiting its website directly.

The Tech Team app gives you access to an IT expert 24/7 for apps, eligible devices, and private networks. It provides content tailored specifically to you and your business as well as notifications with tips and tricks from IT experts. Available exclusively to Fios and basic Internet customers without additional charge – simply visit your account page and click the link! To begin using this service today.

Tech Coach and Home Device Advisor are premium technical support services available at an annual subscription cost. These services offer assistance with smartphones and any connected device in your home – such as viruses and spyware removal, networking issues, operating system and firewall issues and equipment purchased outside Verizon’s service network.

Verizon customers with Fios and Wireless service can utilize an online chat service available through Verizon to quickly contact an agent within five minutes of opening the chat window – but keep in mind that agents in different regions of the U.S. could potentially chat with you as well!

The Verizon Customer Learning Portal provides training materials for their products, systems and tools that is free and accessible to any Verizon business customer. This site features videos, podcasts and articles for training as well as an advanced search bar allowing you to quickly locate specific topics or keywords. Plus it is regularly updated with helpful tech updates!

Service & Repairs

Verizon provides many online support options, from its app and live chat features, to social media accounts. Their My Verizon app gives customers access to tech support, purchasing options and billing help; its Live Chat feature enables customers to login into their active account and connect with a customer service agent; additionally there are forums where users can meet each other and share solutions to common problems.

Verizon provides multiple ways for their customers to contact customer service, but the phone is typically the fastest way of reaching a representative quickly when trying to resolve an urgent problem. Chat and community forums often require customers to wait on hold before starting to solve issues; this can be especially aggravating at night or after work when trying to solve an issue quickly.

Product Tools

Verizon provides tools designed to help your employees work and collaborate productively from any location or device, no matter their work hours or locations. Their productivity tools enable your people to stay connected and communicate seamlessly so that customer expectations can be exceeded more easily. Furthermore, Verizon provides some of the industry’s most secure mobile device management solutions, helping your protect company devices as well as employee devices from security risks.

Verizon provides business customers with numerous ways to access assistance and support, including phone service and the My Verizon app. In addition, customers can chat live with a Verizon support representative through either medium as well as access an FAQs page dedicated to each product they own.

If you’re shopping for a business phone system, Verizon provides all of the resources to make an informed decision on its support page for their products. Here you will find helpful videos and descriptions of features and benefits as well as technical specs of each model – plus comparison tools so you can select the ideal system for yourself.

Verizon Business Internet offers more than just business phone systems – they also offer connectivity tools that can make your team more effective, such as high-speed wireless internet and secure network solutions that help optimize data and applications for optimal business operations. Their network is fast and reliable with plans tailored specifically to each business need.

Verizon LTE and 5G Business Internet plans offer self-setup options that make getting connected easily, and offer price lock guarantees of three years or longer, so your monthly fee won’t increase unexpectedly – an invaluable feature if you’re on a tight budget or trying to predict costs accurately.

Verizon’s network is extremely robust and dependable, making it a fantastic option for businesses that require multiple locations or remote workers to be connected simultaneously. Verizon provides business solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase productivity by connecting machines and devices at work; their scalable network also accommodates growing businesses needs.


Verizon Business’s tech support team offers technical assistance for an array of devices and services for small businesses, including phone, internet and TV packages. Furthermore, security solutions and network management tools are also provided by them.

Customer service representatives for Verizon Business can be reached by phone, live chat and email for quick and easy answers to queries about products, services or billing. Furthermore, this team offers numerous educational materials designed to maximize business owners’ use of products and services provided.

Verizon customers can reach its customer service department at one of these numbers to voice any concerns:

Small business owners may need assistance with various issues regarding their Verizon Business account, services or device. Verizon Customer Support’s friendly and helpful customer support staff are happy to provide quick solutions; additional resources may also be found online for quick resolution of specific problems.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to reach Verizon customer support is via their mobile app and live chat features. My Verizon provides easy access to tech support and purchasing options while live chat enables instantaneous communication with a representative – ideal for those who prefer using computers over phones.

Social media offers another convenient way of reaching Verizon customer support: Facebook and Twitter accounts allow you to directly communicate with its representatives. Furthermore, you can browse various forums and chat rooms in search of answers.

Your Verizon business wireless bill consists of monthly access charges for your plan and any optional services you subscribe to as well as taxes or government fees applicable to it. These may differ depending on where you reside in terms of state/local government fees; payment made while logged in My Business Wireless or making one-off payments without login will avoid incurring an ACH processing or ad-supported fee from Verizon.

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