Verizon Fios Business Internet, TV, Phone and Wireless Solutions for Businesses

Verizon business internet, TV, phone and wireless solutions are transforming businesses across the world. Discover fast, reliable connections that will help your organization meet quarterly goals with ease.

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Signing up with Fios business internet could earn you up to a $1,500 credit towards contract buyout! Simply email documentation of your current ETF account within 30 days of receiving your final bill to claim this incentive.


Fios business internet provides high-speed fiber connectivity and the flexibility businesses require to get work done efficiently. Choose from various plans tailored specifically to your company’s needs – with speeds reaching 1 Gbps symmetrical speed and 5G high capacity capabilities available – offering your employees clear video conferences, fast file transfers, secure backup of important information as well as low latency connectivity that allows fast upload speeds.

Verizon business internet can be purchased with various payment plans, including monthly installments or a three-year contract. While monthly installments allow businesses to spread out the cost over time, a three-year contract allows you to lock in a price for three years at once and may be beneficial for small companies looking to control expenses.

Verizon provides businesses with multiple payment options and a 30-day money-back guarantee on its plans, giving them time to test them out and decide which service meets their needs best. As terms and conditions may vary depending on which plan is chosen, it’s essential that businesses carefully read over these documents before making their choice.

No matter the nature of your business, having reliable Internet is essential for operations. Verizon Business Internet plans offer high-speed connections capable of handling multiple devices simultaneously; their Gigabit Connection business Internet plan boasts up to 1 Gbps speed – plenty enough to support multiple employees working on complex projects at once! Plus this plan comes complete with gigabit Ethernet support.

Verizon offers its Business Unlimited Plus Internet plan with uncapped or throttled data usage – designed to meet the connectivity needs of businesses of all sizes – across several regions. In addition, Verizon also provides other business Internet plans with different features and speeds.

Bundling Verizon business Internet plans with phone services is an efficient way to save money. This package offers numerous advantages, including free installation and an industry-leading price guarantee. Plus, self or professional installation options are available; each installation also comes equipped with a router or gateway device.


Verizon Fios phone services provide businesses with reliable, fast connections. Backed by its network and without data caps, it’s available to businesses of all sizes, including brick-and-mortar locations. Verizon also provides internet and wireless bundles tailored specifically for businesses; additionally they offer money back guarantees on these plans.

Verizon Business Broadband Service is one of the fastest broadband offerings available to businesses nationwide, thanks to fiber optic connections offering faster download and upload speeds than traditional copper wire connections. Plans also include features such as unlimited data usage and VoIP calling, making Verizon plans popular choices among businesses who need to stay in contact with both customers and employees.

Verizon Fios offers more than just broadband service; they also provide phone and TV packages tailored specifically for businesses. TV channels come in various packages while their business phone service offers unlimited calling, voicemail to email functionality and other features that rival those provided by other providers. Some plans even come equipped with digital home landlines at prices competitive with others providers’ offerings.

Verizon Fios business internet comes with no data cap and offers various plans to meet different business needs. Their three-year price guarantee helps companies save money over time while their high-priority data service enables businesses to continue functioning during peak times without interruption or downtime. Furthermore, there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee so customers can cancel without penalty at any time.

Verizon provides customers with access to its customer support team who are ready and waiting to assist with any issue they might be experiencing. Verizon technicians can assist with technical problems quickly and provide solutions on-the-spot. In addition, they can transfer services between addresses easily. They’re even there to answer billing related queries as well.

Verizon is an influential player in the telecommunications industry and provides business solutions that can enhance productivity. Verizon offers extremely cost-effective Internet plans designed for small businesses that provide various features that help boost sales; in addition, phone and TV solutions designed specifically to address small business needs are also provided by them as well as free routers for new customers.


Verizon Business Fios TV delivers reliability and superior picture quality to meet the entertainment needs of businesses of any size. Boasting 425+ channels on its 100% fiber optic network connection, there are multiple plans available that can meet any entertainment need your company may have.

If you’re thinking of switching to Verizon, here are a few key facts you should keep in mind. First off, their internet speeds are faster than those offered by their competitors, plus backup 4G LTE internet is available nationwide – check their coverage map first before making your decision!

Verizon Fios provides unparalleled customer support. Their representatives are available 24×7 to address any inquiries or get you set up quickly, billing issues and troubleshoot any potential problems; and even help transfer existing phone numbers over.

Verizon Business Fios offers affordable packages that combine phone and Internet services for small businesses, making these plans the best value proposition available to them. These plans can save money while providing access to high-speed Internet and reliable business phone plans.

Verizon provides a contract buyout option for businesses switching to Fios. In order to qualify, businesses must submit proof of their early termination fee (ETF) within 30 days of receiving their final bill and it will be applied as a credit against their Verizon account – up to $1,500 maximum credit will be applied as part of this promotion.

Customers can select between Verizon’s 500 or 940 business Fios plans; the former provides symmetrical speeds that are perfect for supporting local apps and email, while the latter provides high-volume streaming capabilities with secure data transfers. Both options feature paperless billing with AutoPay capability as well as Verizon’s 99.9% network uptime guarantee – giving businesses peace of mind.

Verizon Fios offers more than just high-speed internet connectivity; they also have a robust phone network. Their unlimited business phone plans are perfect for businesses that rely heavily on in-store customer support as they include advanced calling features and flexible add-ons bundled together with business Internet plans that saves you $80 each month, providing valuable return for investment into the business.


Verizon business wireless network offers fast connections and dependable coverage even in remote areas, making it the ideal solution for businesses that rely on mobile technology for customer interactions, supplier interactions and employee communications. They have multiple packages tailored specifically for different businesses – this can range from business wireless service, Fios internet/digital voice/TV services as well as total mobile protection/tech support to help ensure smooth operations.

Verizon Business Internet offers several packages designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses with large data needs and video conferencing requirements, including its flagship Gig Connection plan that features maximum upload/download speeds of 850 Mbps. This plan is ideal for businesses that rely heavily on video conferencing capabilities as it includes other features like autopay/paperless billing as well as business VoIP phone service as well as bundle offers to save both money and time.

Verizon Fios Business Internet plans feature high-speed glass fiber-optic connections and professional installation. Their 200 Mbps plan costs $69 a month with one year price guarantees and three year guarantees, and both come complete with equipment. They also provide bundle options which could save small businesses money.

Verizon does not mandate phone plans with its business internet services; however, they recommend bundling them to save money and maximize savings. As well as business internet, Verizon also provides various business phone options like UCaaS, VoIP and traditional landlines backed by its business grade network for any brick-and-mortar businesses looking for internet and phone solutions.

Verizon Fios business Internet plans are an excellent choice for small businesses, and their Gig Connection plan stands out as especially fast and symmetrical, enabling simultaneous file uploading and downloads without disrupting performance. While more costly than its peers, Fios offers other business services such as email and voicemail that help run operations more smoothly.

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