Webull Smart Advisor: Start Investing With Confidence Today (5 star rating)

Webull Smart Advisor Review

It offers an expansive suite of investing tools, from self-directed trading and its Smart Advisor robo-advisor service, to its mobile app that lets you monitor both accounts.

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Webull Smart Advisor utilizes SSGA model portfolios to diversify equity, bond ETFs and real asset ETFs based on your risk tolerance level, allocating cash accordingly.


Webull Smart Advisor is an online brokerage firm offering investors an expansive suite of tools. Their mobile app is free for use, while their platform makes buying and selling stocks, ETFs and options easy and affordable. Furthermore, Webull also provides numerous educational resources which makes Webull an excellent option for beginners looking to begin investing.

Start trading by filling out an online form, providing proof of identity, depositing funds for trading (minimum initial deposit of $100), monitoring both automated and self-directed accounts through one mobile app and changing risk tolerance levels as desired.

The Smart Advisor service can meet a range of investing needs, from small-caps to international equities. The robo-advisor will suggest an investment portfolio tailored specifically to your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, then automatically rebalance as necessary. Choose from our wide array of ETFs tracking global markets or sector rotation. Or diversify further with real estate or commodity ETFs which tend to have less correlation between stocks and bonds thus further diversifying your portfolio.

Webull provides an ideal platform for new investors, though fees may apply when making certain trades such as options trades (55 cent contract fee and flat 1.5% margin rate for equity purchases) However, their attractive APY of 5% could come in handy when planning large purchases.

The Webull Smart Advisor app allows users to trade stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies easily with one tap using Big Button mode and various research and analysis tools such as its screener for sorting and filtering by various criteria. Furthermore, Big Button mode facilitates trade execution quickly with just a tap.

Fees Webull smart advisor is an online investment platform offering free stock and ETF trading accounts as well as various tools and features tailored specifically for new investors. Their robo-advisor platform employs an algorithm to manage your portfolio while they also offer six risk-adjusted portfolios tailored specifically for different risk tolerance levels featuring ETFs such as SSGA equity ETFs, real estate ETFs and commodity ETFs within each portfolio.

Webull combines its in-house investment expertise and artificial intelligence to design, manage, and rebalance an ETF portfolio for you. At any time you can modify it as needed; invest in assets such as small-cap stocks, emerging market securities, international securities; as well as tracker ETFs that track global markets that help diversify your holdings.

Robo-advisors come in different currencies and feature user-friendly mobile applications that make monitoring investments even simpler on the go. Access accounts, portfolios, research reports and personalized recommendations that can help meet your investment goals with just a tap!

Start investing with as little as $100 deposit with Webull! It provides commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs and options which normally incur taxes when sold, plus cash deposits that earn 5% interest at deposit with no fees or minimum withdrawal requirements required – perfect for beginner investors!

Utilizing webull smart advisor can save both time and effort, as it takes care of all the legwork for you. The service invests your funds in low-cost stocks and ETFs with proven research behind them – helping reduce risk while increasing returns over time.

Webull Smart Advisor is an innovative robo-advisor service that simplifies investing by automating your investment strategy. With a user-friendly interface for beginners and more experienced investors alike, Webull provides multiple features such as free cash management accounts and fractional share ownership options to make investing simpler than ever.

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Webull Mobile App

Our Webull mobile app features an easy, straightforward user experience that is familiar to most investors. It provides access to an assortment of trading tools and research resources designed for both novice and veteran traders alike; news feeds; watch list pages; no account minimums with Webull; customizable charts also allow users to track options and ETFs.

Webull offers new investors an ideal way to enter the stock market with minimal investments and time commitments. Offering free trades on stocks, ETFs and options contracts (with zero fees on most contracts), makes Webull highly cost-competitive with other online brokerages; no deposit fees and fractional shares make Webull ideal for beginners – setting up an account takes only minutes!

Webull offers more than just its free trading app; they also provide an innovative robo-advisor called Webull Smart Advisor which can manage your entire portfolio for an affordable minimum balance. Their automated investment platform will invest according to your risk profile and rebalance automatically; plus it’s all accessible from within their mobile app!

Though relatively new, Webull has quickly made its mark among traders and investors. Following in the footsteps of modern forerunners like Robinhood, Webull offers an intuitive mobile experience designed to appeal to a broad audience while still offering advanced features not found elsewhere such as OTC marketplace trading capabilities and Webull Learn.

Webull recently unveiled its robo-advisor service that allows users to open fully automated investing accounts with as little as $100. Your funds will then be managed by Webull’s team of experts using AI for diversification purposes, initially free. After which annual fees of 0.20% of assets per year may apply.

Webull, though relatively new, has quickly emerged as one of the premier online brokerages in the US. Competing against more established rivals like Robinhood and TD Ameritrade with its comprehensive offerings of trading tools, research platforms, IRA accounts, competitive interest rates on cash deposits, robust mobile apps and no trading commissions; It stands up well.


Webull is a free stock trading app that enables users to buy and sell US-listed stocks, ETFs, options and cryptocurrencies without incurring brokerage or commission fees on margin trades. Some market data fees may apply; high-speed traders may receive compensation in return for order flow.

Investors can access this platform from mobile or desktop, sign up and make real-time trades using real time information, view watchlists, analyze charts and performance metrics as well as simulate trades before investing using its paper trading feature. New investors may find all this real time data daunting at first, however the paper trading feature can make trades easier to handle for newcomers to the market or investment funds for the first time.

Before trading can begin, a risk evaluation must first take place. This will enable us to ascertain your desired level of risk tolerance and help select a portfolio and fill out an account application – this process usually takes between 1-3 business days before webull can process and provide your first account number.

Use the Webull app to invest in more than 100 OTC stocks, options, ETFs and cryptocurrencies. With its intuitive design and simple user interface, this tool makes investing easy – as you can track your portfolio whenever necessary while staying informed with news stories and market updates. Furthermore, Webull also provides comprehensive market data including price movements, historical performance information and analyst recommendations.

As an online brokerage, Webull is registered with both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), offering Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance protection of up to $500,000 including $250,000 cash investments. Furthermore, encryption technology is implemented by Webull in order to safeguard customer privacy.

No matter your level of experience with trading, Webull can meet all of your trading needs. Their user-friendly mobile application and low minimum deposit make this platform ideal for both novice and veteran investors alike. Plus they provide commission-free trading of US listed stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies while also offering margin trading with 4x day buying power and 2x overnight buying power to meet any trading need you might have!

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